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Our organic soil products are designed to revitalise gardens and farmlands by restoring soil nutrients and enhancing 


We are passionate about Soil.  Our Quality Compost and Lawn Dressing is made by using beneficial microbes to turn organic feedstock into rich, natural, plant food. By ensuring that we use only the best ingredients and methods, we have engineered a high-quality, weed free compost that not only nourishes plants but also revives and enhances the soil climate around it. 


Registered Group 2 fertiliser producer (reg no. B5087) 


PolyOrganics (Pty) Ltd is a registered Group 2 fertiliser producer (reg no. B5087) as per Act 36 of 1947.


Since opening our doors in 2014, we have developed high-quality organic compost and compost-based products. Our products have a history of revitalising and restoring soil nutrients and enhancing soil structure.


We take pride in our role as an Organic Waste Recycler, we ensure that organic waste materials do not end up in landfill sites where they become a major source of greenhouse gas emissons. We are proud to say that each cube of compost purchased from us is a cube of carbon not emitted  into the atmosphere.


Our motivation is to produce top quality organic compost and compost-based products and provide quality customer service to gardeners, contractors and farmers.


Polyorganics Compost is made by using beneficial microbes and fungi to turn organic waste into rich, natural, plant food.


We use only the best ingredients and methods, so that we can ensure that we have engineered a high-quality product that not only nourishes plants but also revives and enhances the soil climate around it.

Lawn Dressing

To make our  Lawn Dressing our Organic Compost is mixed with quality topsoil in a 50:50 ratio and screened.


This is to ensure that we engineer a product that is ideal to even out surfaces, or for shaping landscape contours while  providing the rich organic nutrition needed to stimulate new shoots, stronger roots and denser grass foliage.



For your convenience we have built an Online Store where you can purchase our products online.

If you are unsure of how many cubes you will need we also have a handy calculator that will work it out for you!

Our products are also available directly from our Yard in Olifantsfontein.

Contact Us

1 Apple Rd, Olifantsfontein, GAUTENG, 1683 | 076 300 9673

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